LAKE LAHIT WATER PARK Near Lake Sebu Gears for MARCH Soft Opening, APRIL Full Opening

Ask a touristy resident of South Cotabato about the best scenic spots in the province and there is a solid chance that Lake Sebu will be among those mentioned. Perhaps it may even be the first to come in mind. But to those who only know the place by name, they might be surprised to learn that the main Lake Sebu actually has neighboring smaller lakes, from which come the names of two constituent barangays, part of the overall municipality of Lake Sebu where the entire watershed is located. One of them, Lake Lahit, is getting its own dedicated tourist flow soon, with the impending opening of a new attraction.

Lake Lahit Water Park and Recreation has been in development at the barangay on the shores of the namesake lake in the municipality of Lake Sebu, South Cotabato since last year. But only this 2021 is the new resort ready to accept visitors. Preparations for its soft opening are in progress according to the Philippine News Agency, which quotes South Cotabato senior tourism operations officer Argie Assaria in a statement given Friday, January 29. There will be a soft opening first this coming March, to determine if the “new normal” health and safety protocols in place will work to expectations.

The Lake Sebu municipal government spearheaded development of the Lake Lahit Water Park and Recreation, which will provide water-sports activities for enthusiasts within the smaller Lake Lahit. Various recreational watercrafts will be available for renting by visitors, from the traditional Tboli owong canoe to sportier kayaks and water-bikes. Fishing will also be allowed on the lake, while overland trekking and sightseeing tours can be organized for visitors who want to keep their feet reasonably dry.

Soft opening the water park on March will give the resort and its services and amenities the necessary pilot testing ahead of the full opening on April. Other features of the water park are a community-run restaurant specializing in tilapia dishes, good for relaxing after a trip on Lake Lahit or trekking overland. The Department of Tourism – XII regional office will provide the necessary support to the resort, to ensure that its service quality will be a match for other existing tourism facilities already in place at nearby Lake Sebu, Lake Seloton and Seven Waterfalls. Having its grand opening on April will be a magnificent way to end the solemnity of Lent, so it is one new place to watch out for in the future.

Image: Brigada News FM Facebook

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