With the onset of the COVID-19 pandemic last year, restaurant and fast-food eating habits were changed significantly across the country. With many dining establishments being forced to serve only through takeout or delivery to avoid closing, patrons got used to picking up packs of ordered food from a counter, or receiving them from delivery riders. It is no surprise then that one service platform which benefited from the COVID “new normal” situation is Foodpanda mobile food delivery. Catering to businesses ranging from posh restaurants to fast-food chain outlets to even carinderias that could afford it, Foodpanda has helped Filipinos order food they love from home.

Here in GenSan, one can easily see the success by which Foodpanda has established itself in the food delivery market by how likely one can see their pink-uniformed riders with their big food boxes. Now, Foodpanda Philippines is ready to step up their delivery services by partnering with the Fit Mart grocery chain here in Southern Philippines. As The Mindanao Times tells it, an agreement was signed between the food delivery service’s Mindanao Cluster and FitMart GenSan. Now, it will be possible to order FitMart grocery items in neatly organized categories through the Foodpanda app, ready to be delivered by their riders to customers’ homes.

According to Foodpanda Mindanao Cluster Head Ezra Espina, the new partnership between their platform and FitMart will beefed up the two businesses’ similar, and now shared, mission to “deliver everyone’s needs with quality service and offerings.” The sentiment is echoed by FitMart Gensan Operations Manager Retchie Santiago who says, “We are hoping that this partnership will serve more people in General Santos City who rely on accessibility in terms of getting their essential needs.” FitMart GenSan is the first supermarket to have its grocery items listed as delivery options on Foodpanda for delivery in Mindanao.

The Foodpanda app can be downloaded here. You may also check out their official Facebook page for more news. The same goes for FitMart GenSan.

Image courtesy of Mindanao Daily

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