NO Major CHANGES in COVID-Positive Cases in GENSAN So Far


Normally, information updates on COVID-19 are given out on a national scale, with specific focus given primarily to the hotspot cities (which for the most part has been either in Metro Manila or Cebu City). In GenSan, much of what is known is that there are confirmed cases of the ubiquitous 2019 novel coronavirus in the city, which thankfully has not broken into the double-digit numbers yet. Much of this data has been regularly updated by the GenSan Local Government Unit (LGU) on their official social media accounts. The latest bulletin was given Monday afternoon.

On the new GenSan COVID-19 update from the LGU, dated 5 PM of July 20, 2020, there has been no new additions whatsoever, much to the relief of Generals living under (medium-risk) Modified General Community Quarantine. Nobody got admitted for COVID, no more of the active cases have died, and (sadly) none of the active cases have newly joined those who have already gotten better. Regarding the already-confirmed cases of Generals with COVID, numbering 9 in total since the pandemic and lockdowns began, two have since recovered while those who have not are hopeful that nobody among them will die of the disease anytime soon.

Meanwhile, there are about 209 “persons under monitoring” that are currently undergoing home quarantine. These people count among the ongoing stream of “locally-stranded individuals” (LSIs) from other parts of the Philippines, plus balik-bayan OFWs that have only managed to return to GenSan. A larger portion of them (81) are in city cluster 1 (Brgys. Calumpang, San Jose and Fatima). In fact Brgy. Calumpang is the (individual) barangay with the highest count of PUMs at present. The only clusters with 0 PUMs currently reported are Cluster 4 (Dadiangas N-E-W-S), 5 (City Heights), 11 (Conel-Olympog) and 12 (Tinagacan, Upper Labay and Batomelong).

Thus far, only 89 total laboratory tests of individuals in GenSan have been performed. As already stated, 9 have been confirmed with the virus (only three of which have known PH-number designations: 3669, 21890 and 23663). Negative tests results number 74 while the last 4 have been designated “not for testing.” The LGU assures Generals that the active patients are in hospital care while the PUMs are closely monitored to ensure their sticking to quarantine. A further 4,571 former PUMs have completed their home quarantine ever since the lockdown began.

Image from LGU GenSan Facebook

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