One of the more common online activities of Filipinos still hunkering down during the community quarantines necessitated by the COVID-19 pandemic would be looking for videos of how well-known celebrities spend their own time at home. It certainly helps that a lot of famous faces do enjoy sharing their stay-at-home experiences on social media and streaming platforms, and that goes on even as the quarantine levels de-escalate and the “new normal” is further asserting itself. The power couple of boxing legend-Senator Manny Pacquiao and his wife Jinkee are no exception. Having decided to spend some time at MGCQ-status GenSan, they have gotten some attention with what activities they have shared.

As GMA News reports, Manny and Jinkee Pacquiao had opted to head back to General Santos City, one among the larger portion of the Philippines that is now under the lightest quarantine level, Modified General Community Quarantine (MGCQ). There they have been keeping busy of sorts by sharing snippets of their home life on social media. One such instance has Senator Pacquiao, still the Pambansang Kamao and People’s Champion of boxing, has been giving boxing lessons to his wife, and has even uploaded footage of their sparring session on Instagram.

It is clear that Mrs. Pacquiao is having a great time with her husband’s boxing lesson. While Jinkee has worn boxing gloves before on several instances of advertising for her local clothing boutiques, seeing her actually throwing punches with those gloved hands is quite fascinating. She certainly appreciates Manny taking the time for the instructions, with her description of him being both the best “fighter and trainer” in the world. The Senator’s Instagram video post already has over 60,000 likes.

Not all online updates of the Pacquiaos have had positive reactions however. In the wake of this popular post comes some online criticism from actress Agot Isidro, who took offense at a photo upload of Jinkee Pacquiao on her own Instagram page showcasing her and Manny’s luxury bicycles, branded from Hermes and Louis Vuitton. Isidro took to Twitter, calling out the Senator and his missus on their insensitivity, when the COVID-19 outbreak has left many people unemployed and scraping for any source of income available. Filipino netizens found themselves split on the issue, with some supporters calling out some “jealousy” implications, and critics describing the post as possibly violating the “modesty” clause of R.A. 6713 (Ethical Standards for Public Officials).

Image: Manny Pacquiao Facebook page

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