When one is married to a modern Renaissance man who has been a champion pro boxer, occasional competitor in other sports, and career politician who has served nationally as Congressional Representative and Senator, it is only natural that the celebrity rubs off on the wife. This has been the life of Jinkee, Mrs. Manny Pacquiao, in the years since they married in 2000. She has launched her own GenSan-centered fashion line, produced for her husband’s few movies and documentaries, and even served locally as one-term Vice-Governor of her home province, Sarangani. Most of the time nowadays, Jinkee is a housewife, but that gives her plenty time to try out v-logging.

ABS-CBN News has it that Jinkee Pacquiao has been on a roll with her most recent video-logging series “Simply Jinkee,” videos of which are uploaded into her official YouTube channel. Earlier videos on the channel were merely footage from some of the many travels undertaken overseas by Jinkee and Manny Pacquiao, but since last week she has been uploading multiple vlog-format entries, of which four have been uploaded. The fifth and latest, released last Thursday, March 5, involves Jinkee giving a video tour of the family’s latest mansion in GenSan.

While showing audiences around the very well-appointed mansion (portrait-filled living room, entertainment area, dining hall), Mrs. Pacquiao definitely wins the support of Generals with her candid opinion that despite having other residences in more affluent neighborhoods such as Forbes Park, Makati, she and her husband and children still prefer spending time in GenSan. And why would they not? Their mansion here includes not just a swimming pool but also full basketball court as well, the better for Senator Manny and their boys to enjoy their second favorite sport outside boxing. And the pool area, says Jinkee, not only gets much usage for parties but also for Bible services in their religious household and faith community.

Other videos in the “Simply Jinkee” v-log series include a variety of subjects, from “Life Lessons” Jinkee Pacquiao learned from Manny, to holding another tour for the house of “Pac-Mama” Dionisia Pacquiao, to a retrospective on the Pambansang Kamao’s 41st Birthday celebration in December of last year. One can only wonder what other snapshots of her life and family that Jinkee is going to share with followers in the future.

Image courtesy of Pixelated Planet

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