The snowball effect is a metaphorical phrase that describes how a certain thing might start very small and barely noticeable, but can build upon itself to grow large and prominent. Such an effect could lead to either a bad or good end. While what is happening in terms of air travel to and from GenSan is not yet quite the big snowball, its effect can already be considered beneficial. Last year’s agreement between the city LGU and that of Mabalacat Pampanga culminated in the start of twice-weekly GenSan-Clark commercial flights via MAG Travel and Tours. Now a larger airline has announced its own routes here.

GMA News reports that AirAsia Philippines, the country’s affiliate to the Malaysia-based low-cost airline, has announced that it will start a new flight route with promotional fares connecting GenSan and Clark, along with a more conventional link between the city and Cebu, all starting sometime this coming March. The announcement was made by AirAsia Philippines this Tuesday, February 18. This comes about two weeks after the launch of GenSan-Clark flights courtesy of Leading Edge Air Services Corp. and MAG Travel and Tours, part of a major agreement between the city and Mabalacat standing for Clark.

In a statement, AirAsia Philippines CEO Ricky Isla said the decision to open a new air route to and from GenSan is advantageous due to the city being an easy access point to Mindanao, with surrounding destinations being “rich in culture and history.” Furthermore, Isla notes that the AirAsia flights can contribute to building up tourism and economy in GenSan.

As further incentive, the GenSan-Clark flights have all-in promotional fares. Regular AirAsia passengers can fly at P1,157 while BIG Loyalty fliers have their fare at only P1,090. The Clark-GenSan route will be three times a week, departing Clark at 1:40PM and arriving 3:40PM in GenSan; the return leg departs 4:10PM and arrives in Clark 6:10PM.

Regarding the new AirAsia GenSan-Cebu link, they will fly daily with flights departing Cebu at 1:45PM, arriving in GenSan 2:55PM. The return flight from GenSan departs at 3:25PM and arrives in Cebu 4:35PM, with the fare rates being P1,057 for regular passengers and P990 for BIG Loyalty members. Ricky Isla promises that more AirAsia Philippines destinations will be revealed as the year 2020 goes on.

Image from Business World Online

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