Most Generals, the residents of General Santos City, would easily be able to recall the official seal of the community, prominently displayed on City Hall, on official LGU documents, and during celebratory events. One possible reason for its easy remembrance is due to its fairly basic design. Inside the border with the words of the Seal and the date of its cityhood is the basic illustration of Mt. Matutum, a rice field and shore leading to Sarangani Bay at bottom. This year the LGU launched a contest for a redesign of the seal, and the winning design was approved at the end of last month.

The Philippine Information Agency reports that GenSan officially has a new and arguably better-looking city seal. This was the winning design from the Seal Design Competition held by the City Economic Management and Cooperative Development Office (CEMDO) back in February. After passing the contest panel of judges the design was sent on to the Sangguniang Panglungsod (SP), where after a period of deliberation it was approved to replace the previous seal back on June 30, the last session of the 18th SP before the new City Councilors from the May 2019 Midterm Elections took office.

The new GenSan seal was designed by Jayfferson Piñero Alas, according to the City Public Information Office (CPIO) head Rombel Catolico. Alas’ work was a significant updating of the original seal, retaining the iconic imagery of Matutum, the rice field and Sarangani Bay, but has also been embellished with additional symbols to reflect the significant progress that GenSan has undergone over the decades to become a highly-urbanized city.

This is reflected in the multistory buildings at the foot of Matutum. It also reinforces the traditional roots of the city in the tribal weave replacing the generic seashore. The city’s namesake Gen. Paulino Santos is also honored with his Plaza statue taking center stage in the seal. The image of the bay is enhanced with Yellow Fin Tuna, referring to GenSan’s major industry. Finally, the sun rises behind Matutum to highlight the city’s bright future, and the design of its rays reinforce the fact that GenSan is a major city of the Philippines. The border has also been enhanced in colors befitting an official city seal.

It is expected that the redesigned GenSan seal will eventually replace the original imagery as time and resources permit, so that Generals can better appreciate how far the city has come, as interpreted by the work of its designer Jayfferson Piñero Alas, who will be remembered for his civic service.

Image: GenSan Protocol Office Facebook

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