GENSAN LGU Starts Using NEW Permit/License SYSTEM in Time for January APPLICANT and RENEWAL RUSH


In the Philippines, it has become something of an old and worn-out tale that trying to get a permit or a license from the government has the tendency to run slower than a glacier most of the time. Of course, the government does take steps to improve service speed and quality by adopting new technologies and systems. One of these many options is the so-called Enhanced Tax Revenue and Collection System (eTRACS), which has already been adopted by a number of local government units (LGUs) throughout the country. Long story short, the eTRACS system now comes to GenSan as well.

PTV News reports that the local government of GenSan has begun steps towards using the eTRACS system to enhance their business permits and licensing in order to accelerate the processing and issuing of these many vital government documents to business owners, entrepreneurs, drivers and so forth. This was shared on Thursday, January 3, by the Business Permits and Licensing Division (BPLD) head Geraldine Zamora. With eTRACS, official documents of a nationwide scale like permits and licenses can quickly be moved between the many LGU offices that process these important papers.

The GenSan LGU introduced their eTRACS based system, developed by the GSC information and communication technology division, on Thursday as well. This is in tune with the beginning of the period wherein first-time applicants file to receive government-issued permits and licenses, and existing holders of the same must begin the arduous process of renewal for another year. This period runs through January 2019 up until the 20th. With eTRACS ensuring “FAST” (Friendly, Accessible, Simple, Timely) processing, the whole ordeal with permits and licenses will become both streamlined and quick as can be, according to Zamora.

eTRACS was launched in earnest at the Philippines last year in 2018. Its purpose was to drastically decrease the default 15 steps originally needed for permit and license processing (taking up an average 3 days) to just three. The streamlined process would then take only a few hours of a single government business day, a big boon to applicants and holders looking to renew. Geraldine Zamora has remarked that she hopes the constantly evolving system can be improved further still, with an ideal processing time of two hours or less. To better help with the applicant crowd, the GenSan LGU has organized a “one-stop shop” of offices involved in issuing permits and licensing to operate from the impressive Investment Center building just behind City Hall.

Image: Queensized and Proud (blog)

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