The story of the hotel industry scene here in GenSan has been full of ups and downs. As far back as the 1990s what accommodations to be had in the city were geared mostly for budget travellers and vacationers, though there have been notable exceptions. As GenSan went through its “boomtown” phase to expand and develop, the local hotels have had their own struggle to keep up with the times, renovating and repackaging themselves even as new, true luxury accommodations took root. At the latest, the arguable “king” of GenSan hotels is the Greenleaf near SM City, but a fresh challenger is on the scene.

Located along Santiago Boulevard, the Avior Hotel has risen up from what was originally just another commercial building to present itself as a brand new quality and luxury accommodation in GenSan. Following about a year and a half of development, the Avior had a soft opening period beginning earlier in December 2018, but at long last has fully opened its doors as a new business-boutique hotel in the city. A mere walking distance away from the immensely popular Greenleaf Hotel, the Avior has got to put its best foot forward to prove itself as a great alternative for travellers and tourists, and it certainly does.


Standing at an impressive five floors, the Avior Hotel certainly has its own level of imposing to the observer, and more so once the guests enter its lobby. The interior is a showcase of sweet abstract art designs that carry over to the decorations in the halls, the rooms and its dining establishments. As one of the witty sayings on the Avior’s walls proclaims, “Beautiful minds inspire others.” It is therefore plain to see that the hotel design team has got the aesthetics down pat for the Avior and guests.


Now let us talk about accommodations. The Avior Hotel has 95 rooms, all of them superbly appointed for the luxury and comfort of a wide variety of patrons, from business travellers to families. All rooms have telephone and TV access, as well as creature comforts such as lamps, desk lights and electric kettles. Their best accommodations actually have divisions for living and sleeping, even having separate TVs and phones for both areas. Guests could easily believe that they are staying in the comfort of home, just as stated in one of the Avior’s claims, “Your Second Home in the South.”


Like any well-appointed hotel, the Avior makes sure to see to their guests’ needs, including of the gastronomic sort. Even better, they offer two dining options. First is the full meal treatment courtesy of their second-floor restaurant The Kitchen Table, where guests can enjoy a heart buffet extravaganza from as early as 6 in the morning to as late as 10 in the evening. If diners are in the mood for lighter fare, then there is also the Café Santi, where light meals and beverages are the order of the day, the perfect accompaniment for sitting down with new friends.

The Avior Hotel is certainly well-positioned to take on the GenSan hotel standard currently set by Greenleef Hotel just a short way down Santiago Blvd. and around the corner into San Miguel Street. While the latter may have the advantage of a hotel pool, we encourage prospective guests to come and check out the Avior. Just a mere stroll inside its premises will be enough to establish itself in your mind, and their restaurant meals are a pure gourmet delight, as are the luxurious yet homey room accommodations. They are also available for booking social events and other similar functions.


For reservations at the Avior, you may contact their Front Office Department for individual bookings at (083) 877-6676 (landline) or 0917-712-9217 (mobile), or at via email. If you are planning a long-term stay, a special occasion, or have any other questions, the Avior Hotel Sales Department will be happy to assist you at these numbers: (083) 877-6676 (landline) or 0917-712-8690 (mobile), or again by email at Come and stay at the Avior Hotel along Santiago Boulevard in GenSan, your Second Home in SOX. Visit their official social media pages on Facebook and Instagram.

Images: Avior Hotel on Facebook

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