GENSAN PUBLIC LIBRARY Opens New “GENSAN CORNER” Mini-Museum and Collection



Nations in the present day consider it highly essential to have a population that is literate and educated. The latter is primarily achievable by having schools to prepare people for an independent adult life from childhood, while the former can be served by providing them with a source of information and entertainment. That is the basis for the foundation of public libraries, funded from public sources and accessible to the general public. As a major city in the Philippines, GenSan has a library of its own, one that has been developed and expanded over the years. In fact, its latest addition was opened this week.

On Monday, October 8, the City Public Information Office of the GenSan Local Government Unit oversaw the launching of the GenSan Corner gallery and mini-library annex of the larger City Public Library. Situated in a smaller room off to one side of the rest of the book collection, the GenSan Corner is an encapsulation of the rich history and culture of the city, with photographs, documentation and memorabilia of years past. The ribbon cutting ceremony for the GSCPL GenSan Corner was presided by Vice Mayor Shirlyn Bañas Nograles, long a champion of the library’s development.

For her remarks on this momentous occasion for the local public library, Vice Mayor Bañas touched on the vital function of the institution for not just the city residents but for its neighboring communities, as well as expressing her pleasure at its steady development since its major facility renovations began during her previous terms back in 2012. “It is important for the progress and development of the society,” she said. “Our library had gone a long way and what we have seen right now is a testimony that indeed we have a strong community support here in General Santos City.”

Features of the new GenSan Corner in the public library include a mini-museum display of historical artifacts from the early days of GenSan, preserved photographs charting the community’s growth over the decades, a collection of books and publications from local authors and publishers, a record of the various famous peoples who have hailed from the city, and audiovisual presentations of GenSan history, facts and trivia from its own flat-screen TV. Not only is the launch of GenSan Corner pursuant to City Ordinance No. 55 Series of 2017 which called for institutionalizing work output of the LGU for the public library, it serves as a preview to the larger heritage display to be expected from the still under-construction GenSan City Museum.


The GenSan City Public Library has been in operation for 15 years, and as of present time boasts a collection of over 5,000 books, references and periodicals for public perusal.

Image from GenSan LGU Facebook

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