104 YEARS of GLAN Celebrated in 19th LUBI LUBI FESTIVAL



The municipality of Glan in Sarangani Province has most lately been known for its beautiful little stretch of white-sand beach that has since become the beating heart of the annual Sarbay Fest beach party extravaganza. But Glan itself is more than the best place to soak in the sun at SOCSKSARGEN; it has a history spanning over a century, 104 years in fact since it was founded. And it has its own foundation festival outside of the now-obvious beach theme, with a different centerpiece: coconuts, which cover nearly 90% of Glan’s land area. They are the star when October comes.

While Glan, Sarangani is turning 104 years old this coming October 8, the Lubi Lubi Festival, held to commemorate its foundation anniversary and its traditional products and industry, is only being celebrated for the 19th time. But the one this year, which started the first day of October, is well on its way of establishing itself as truly the biggest Lubi Lubi Fest yet held. For this the people of Glan and the tourists coming in to join the festivities can thank the inspired efforts of the Sarangani Tourism Board, with municipal tourism officer Lodar Escobillo overseeing the festival preparations.

At this point the Lubi Lubi Fest has reached its halfway mark towards the grand culmination next week. Not for nothing does the celebration play up on Glan being the oldest colonial town (American era) in South Central Mindanao, and the events tied to the commemoration does it justice. Just as the opening ceremonies were held, so too was the launching of the TourTown Glan Bazaar, which not only boasted plenty of shops with all sorts of goods but also showcased educational Technolympics for local schools, trade seminars from the DTI and lots of cultural presentations all through the week.

But the main draw over the recent days was the nightly Concert at the Park of Glan’s Plaza Rizal Party Zone. Popular OPM music acts are scheduled to wow the evening crowds with their radio hits. Rockstar 2 and Gifford Band fired the first shots (figuratively) on Thursday, October 4. On Saturday October 6, the J Brothers will get a turn; on Sunday October 7 Cueshe will take the stage; and culmination day on October 8 will see the biggest turnout yet for Rivermaya alongside guests such as Daiana Menezes, Kuerdas and Max Surban; the biggest Lubi Lubi Festival indeed.


Even this Friday, the spectacles do not stop coming. Last year, Glan was witness to a veritable pilgrimage of birdwatchers, particularly from Japan and Taiwan, who assembled at Brgy. Rio del Pilar to observe the migratory birds of prey which have converged on “Raptor Hill”. Today that impromptu gathering has been formalized with the first Autumn Migration Raptor Watch, a new addition to the many events under the Lubi Lubi Festival umbrella. Bird enthusiasts can try their luck to take photographs and video of magnificent avian predators like the osprey, common and honey-crested buzzards, and the peregrine falcon (Japanese Hayabusa).


The weekend events for the 19th Lubi Lubi Festival are no slouches either. In the morning there is a treat for rough-riding race fans with another debut event, the first official Off-Road Challenge going through Barangay Calabanit and its surrounding countryside. Who says races like these are only for Sarbay? As the host locale Glan has every right to have one to its name too. And in the evening, the stars among Glan’s beautiful people will light things up with the Coronation Night for the 2018 Mutya & Ginoo ng Glan Pageant, starting 7 PM at the Glan Municipal Gymnasium.


For the last stretch of the 19th Lubi Lubi Fest, the LGBT Community of Glan and Sarangani will get a day of their on this Sunday, October 6, with a morning pride parade right down the Acacia Drive. Meanwhile, the Glan Baywalk will be the venue for a showcase of the Yamaha Mio Scooter, with the local All Mio Club Chapter hosting a circuit race to determine the fastest scooter and best driver in town. This will carry over into the culmination day on Monday, October 8, with a Motor Show of the Yamaha Mio just as the biggest celebrations of the festival for Glan’s foundation day kick off, with everything being capped off with a late night fireworks display.

All this and more will be waiting for merrymakers in Glan, and tourists coming in from Sarangani and the rest of SOCSKSARGEN, the country and even the world, for this magnificent celebration of a long and storied municipality plus its abundance of coconuts/”lubi” that has been its signature tradition, other than the white sands of Sarbay. Congratulations in advance to Lodar Escobillo and his Tourism office team for this splendid commemoration of history and entertainment.

For more information on events for Lubi Lubi Festival 2018, and to see highlights of what has already transpired, visit the official Facebook page for the 104th Glan Foundation Anniversary – 19th Lubi Lubi Festival here.

Images courtesy of 2018 Lubi Lubi Festival official Facebook page

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