TUNA FEST 2018 Still PACKED with REVELERS Despite Problems Elsewhere



When September comes to the Philippines, it is usually hailed as the start of the country’s hilariously long and early Holiday season, when radio stations and malls already start playing Christmas carols and songs and the most early-bird decorations start to appear. But when the same month begins here in GenSan, well we also jump on the early-Holiday bandwagon; BUT, more importantly, the first day of September is the official start of one of the city’s major celebrations, honoring its long-running title as Tuna Capital of the Philippines. The GenSan Tuna Festival 2018 is on, and awesome is happening now.

The first day of this month, falling on a Saturday, was graced with the most memorable spectacle of all Tuna Fest celebrations ever since it was introduced years ago: the Tuna Float Parade. Plenty of lavishly decorated floats from major companies and businesses in GenSan, adorned with the most fanciful tuna motifs made their way along the streets along two malls all the way to the traditional introductory venue of the Oval Plaza, where the Opening Ceremony kicked off during the night. Elsewhere during the day, there were other events like the SMB Foam Party at East Asia Royale Hotel, the start of the final competitions for the Hip-Hop Invasion at SM GenSan, and the Sugbahanay at the Fish Port, to be reprised sometime later.

Sunday, September 2, was not letting up on the level and intensity of Tuna Fest action. There were several more traditional events that took place in various venues all over GenSan, so that residents and tourists in for the occasion will experience different things depending on where they were. Queen Tuna Park played host to the annual Dragon Boat competition, while a more personal race of endurance happened at Tropicana Resort with the Tunaman Triathlon.

While Monday was back to school and work, the Tuna Festivities continued unabated, with spectators in full confidence of the security measures undertaken by the GenSan LGU, police and military to ensure safety at all events despite troubling incidents elsewhere in the country. For September 3 there were two events of import, the conclusion and coronation night for Mr. and Ms. Tourism, and the continuation of the Sugbahan, moving from the Fish Port to the heart of the city at Pioneer Avenue. Other events that began that day – but will continue today, May 4 – are the Fish Port grand Fish Fest and KCC Mall’s TunaFest Skills Olympics for competing schools.


The 2018 GenSan Tuna Festival will close tomorrow, September 5. But even so there are still more events and activities set to happen all the way until the following weekend. Until then, we invite you to have MEGATunaFun in METROGenSan.

Images courtesy of MindaNews and Columbus Plaza Hotel (on Facebook)

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