Generals can leave it to SM City GenSan to never fail in bringing them new attractions that have yet to be experienced in the city on a wide scale before. Surely you can still remember from the early part of the year, when SM GenSan gave Generals a taste of what it would be like to glide on a smooth cold surface with Summer Adventures on Ice, likely the first time most residents here have ever gotten an opportunity to ice-skate on a rink. Now we have another attraction set up at the mall’s Event Center, fit for all ages.

This is the Ballpit Adventures, the latest fun experience made for everybody and as many of them that could be fit within. In place of the once-familiar ice skating rink there is now a big pool at the Event Center of SM City GenSan filled up to almost the brim with thousands of plastic balls in various shades of blue (in line with SM’s signature logo color) . True, some Generals may have seen this before in ball-filled receptacles within various children’s play-rooms, but this time it is an attraction for all ages to enjoy.

After a remarkably fast assembly just this Sunday, August 19, Ballpit Adventures was officially opened to SM City GenSan shoppers. It bears repeating, this fun attraction is for all ages, a great chance for grownups to let loose their inner child and join in with the kids in rolling about with the balls. There are just so many things you can do with them. Admission prices are uniform for all, with P150 per head for 30 minutes inside the ballpit and P300 for somebody who wants to stay inside until he wants to come out. In addition, if a child under 3 years of age is paid for, then he can bring along one older guardian with him for free.


The SM Ballpit Adventures has already visited on other SM City malls up in the northern part of Mindanao and has only just arrived here in GenSan. Much like the Summer Adventures on Ice experience, the ballpit at SM GenSan will remain there until every General who wants to will get a chance to jump in it with their friends and family. The SM City GenSan Ballpit Adventures at the Event Center will run from August 20 to October 19, so there is no excuse to not join the fun.

Images from SM City General Santos and Kael Joharty (Facebook)

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