For the longest time, the landmark institution of higher education within reach of Gensan is its very own campus of the Mindanao State University (MSU). Established only six years (1967) after the founding of the main campus in Marawi (1961), it has carried the special mandate of the entire MSU system, to help in integrating Mindanao cultural communities into the general Philippine socio-cultural life. Its eight colleges have offered educational course for Generals and local cultural minorities alike, and several celebrities hold MSU-Gensan as their alma mater. But one shortcoming of the campus is the lack of a College of Medicine, a particularly popular course. But that may soon change.

Bombo Radyo Philippines just reported on Friday, August 10, that a window period has just been provided by MSU-Gensan, estimating when they might begin the groundbreaking for the first dedicated buildings to house their future College of Medicine. Granted, such talk of finally opening a medical school in the city’s MSU campus has long been ongoing, with the planned opening of the new college being pinned down as sometime in 2020. Considering that time, MSU is planning the actual groundbreaking to take place between September and October of this year.

Having an institute of higher learning within Gensan that offers a course in Medicine has been a dream for many Generals with ways and means. The news given by MSU-Gensan Vice Chancellor Dr. Marilyn Abiera that the University will soon open a full College of Medicine was received as most welcome news even if the official opening, two years from now, is still quite a long way off. It was also known that a soil analysis of the campus grounds to determine where the CoM buildings might be erected was just recently concluded, which would explain why the University has been able to give a window for the groundbreaking ceremony.

Of course, funding for the actual construction by MSU-Gensan is still incomplete, although they are highly grateful to the city’s LGU for their significant support.

Image courtesy of Wikipedia

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