HENRY and MONSOON Combine for RAINY Week’s Start in GENSAN


At the start of this week, the already rainy season in the Philippines was further intensified by the brief passing of Tropical Storm Son-Tinh, which while it was present within the country’s Area of Responsibility was called Henry. By Wednesday this week, Henry is now out of the PAR and is several hundred kilometers due northeast of Da Nang, Vietnam as it prepares to make landfall in Indochina. But during the time it was on Philippine territory it exacerbated weather conditions up north in Luzon. While what brunt of the storm was concentrated there, not even GenSan escaped its effects.

As told by TV Patrol South Central Mindanao on ABS-CBN News, the interaction between Tropical Storm Henry with the rain-laden southwest monsoon has resulted in a waterlogged start for the week. Mornings of Monday and Tuesday, July 16 to 17, had tended to start a bit warm and sunny, only for sudden and sometimes heavy rainfall to start and stay for most of the day. These flashes of rain were brought about by localized thunderstorms across South Central Mindanao. But the fact remains according to the PAGASA agency that Henry contributed to the gray skies and heavy rains this week.

Rain has indeed been so frequent enough in the area that PAGASA registered a notable lower temperature in GenSan at just 32°C yesterday, July 17. Scattered rain-showers and thunderstorms are still to be expected in the afternoons throughout Mindanao as the week goes on, according to Senior Weather Observer Dante Ariola of the local PAGASA observation station. As was precaution, advisories were sent out to residents in landslide-prone areas along hills and mountainsides as well as coastal communities, where fierce winds have given rise to high waves along the shore, observed at some beach resorts.

While Generals have resigned themselves to getting rained on if they have no umbrella or raingear along, at the very least GenSan and South Central Mindanao have been spared from the next level of bad weather up in certain parts of Luzon. This was most contributed to by the closer proximity of Tropical Storm Henry which passed through the Babuyan Island group north of Cagayan Province. Conditions were bad that a number of basketball games in this current NCAA season were called off on account of inclement weather at venues.

With Henry on its way out, the Philippines as a whole can weather the monsoon alone stirring the weather up, as the most recently formed Tropical Depression in the PAR, named Inday, is headed away from the country and will pass further north of Taiwan, according to a PAGASA forecast.

Image courtesy of PAGASA

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