When it comes to real estate and commercial buildings here in GenSan, one of the major players is the RD Realty Group. No General could miss RD Plaza close to the heart of the city, one of their many business locations offering commercial space, as evidenced by its branch of the Jollibee fast-food restaurant and the Fit-Mart shopping center. But they also have stakes on other prime sites to develop commercial locations, and one of their immediate projects is located at Barangay Mabuhay, where it can additionally service nearby Barangay San Isidro. Recently, that site finally has had construction commence.

Seeking to meet the growing commercial needs of City Heights, San Isidro, and Mabuhay, not far from the urban center of GenSan, the RD Realty Group held a groundbreaking ceremony at Brgy Mabuhay’s Hangar area, the future site of RD Mall Mabuhay. This is a new upcoming community mall from Richmond Land Innovations Inc. that would provide new commercial spaces for more businesses and franchises in the neighborhood. The ceremony proper was attended by the top echelons of the RD Realty Group and the leading officials of the city government. A time capsule was also dropped into the construction site.


When finished, the RD Mall Mabuhay will occupy an area of 8 hectares, in which there will be 10,000 square meters of shopping floor space. Its exterior will boast a spacious parking lot and green landscaping with plenty of shade trees. Much like many of the newer malls, most sides of the RD Mall Mabuhay building will be of large panes of glass, and its interior would have room enough for at least two floors.

The groundbreaking for the future mall was overseen by Rodrigo Rivera, General Manager of the RD Realty Group, along with GenSan City Mayor Ronnel Rivera, and their respective wives. Also present for the occasion were RD Realty Development Corporation Executive Vice President Roy Rivera and Dolores Hotels & Resort Executive Vice President Debbie Ann Rivera. Construction of the RD Mall Mabuhay is estimated to be completed and ready to operate sometime next year in 2019.

Images courtesy of Facebook

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