New GENSAN Diners’ Paradise Soon to Open this Week with CONTAINER YARD FOOD TRIP PLAZA


It would appear that GenSan is really into building up new dining venues, of the “multiple eating establishments under one roof” sort. The best part about these developments is that they tend to result in some pretty picturesque architecture designs and storefronts. Take for instance the stretch of the National Highway close to the Gaisano Mall of GenSan. Part of that road is comprised of some old and weathered buildings or industrial structures. But across the streets from Sun City Suites, a new standalone food court is getting ready to serve hungry Generals as they come, finally opening this week.

The Container Yard Food Trip Plaza boasts itself to be the largest multi-establishment dining complex in Gensan yet. And indeed, its food court is quite the wide and sprawling sight from the National Highway. Inside is a spacious, shaded and well ventilated public eating spot, surrounded by food stalls of every variety of snacks and cuisine. There are even some island stalls distributed in the middle among the rows and rows of tables, more of which can be found on the partial second story. Ambience is pretty good too, with large front windows, overhead lights and ceiling fans as well.

If all this talk of the interior feels quite welcoming and cozy, that is the great triumph of the brilliant developers behind the Container Yard Food Trip Plaza, in terms of structural refurbishing. As its name implies, this massive food court was originally a cargo container yard. Now it gets to serve as home for around 40 distinctive dining establishments offering the widest selection of cuisines from both here and abroad. From small franchises to family businesses, to new branches of already familiar names in dining for GenSan, it is all in here. Food Trip Plaza will definitely satisfy you.

Start off your meal in the traditional way, with some soup from Soupah Soup Delights. If you’re just in for something cold on a hot day, have an icy flavorful drink from Shake Frost, or ice cream from Café Frio. Genuine Indian style cuisine will heat up your palate on Namaskar Ji; or perhaps Middle Eastern is more your taste with Arabian Knights. Shellfish and other seafood are soon to serve at Talaba Station. Pia’s Chicken can become another alternative for the GenSan lechon manok scene. Then wash down this first batch of food with Tubo ni Kol’s sugarcane juice.

Grilled food is right at home at the Container Yard Food Trip Plaza, thanks to establishments offering dining in that vein like Fatboy Grill, 27th Grill Avenue (Korean style!), or more sugba fare with Su-to-Kil. Japanese standards like tempura and sashimi are well represented by Sakura, as is Mexican food with Guapita. Choose your pizza intimately regular-sized like Pizzaiology, or ginormous like Calda’s newest branch here. For more generalized Mediterranean eats, there will be Daddy J’s Smokehouse for you. Want things simple like burgers? Burgerline can furnish things for you. And we have barely scratched the surface of this food-haven.

You can tell that the good people behind the Food Trip Plaza and its various tenants want to make everything perfect for their future diners, that earlier they have shifted their opening date back, and now it will be this Thursday, April 19. This has given them time to have the premises officially blessed, even, which also gives the opportunity for their guests to sample the gastronomic goods and get those early reviews up on social media. Never fear, they’re hitting positives thus far. Nothing more needs to be said; to really get the place you’ll need to eat there.

Look forward to having a new dining experience to share with you friends and family here in GenSan, with the Container Yard Food Trip Plaza. Remember, it is located at the National Highway, across the street from Sun City Suites and a short walk from G-Mall. For more details and previews of what awaits you on Opening Day, visit their official Facebook page at


Photo courtesy of Food Trip Plaza Facebook page

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