SM Celebrates OPENING of First ICE SKATING Rink in GENSAN


The first traces of something new in SM City GenSan were noticed as early as the ending of the Chinese New Year celebrations. It was a barrier-enclosed area encompassing much of the open space in the activity center, including the stage. Shoppers and mall-goers were curious about the obstruction, until SM finally put up signs revealing what it was. This was a singularly unique experience for Generals without a doubt. For the first time (and for a little while at least), there would be an ice-skating rink in the city. The attraction was formally opened Saturday and began operations Sunday.

SM City GenSan’s “Summer Adventures on Ice” was easily one of the most anticipated event/attraction at the mall for many Generals. After all, unless one had visited Manila before, it was unlikely that they had ever laid eyes on a skating rink before, much less tried to glide upon it on rental ice skates. It is now wonder then that SM City GenSan held a grand opening ceremony for Summer Adventures on Saturday, March 3. Mall-goers were treated to a spectacle featuring guest figure skaters who showed their skills. But the other big draw was one of the ceremony’s hosts.

Viral video viewers would already know of Cherry Alejandrino, the sassy elevator operator from SM Olongapo who became an internet sensation because of her colorful announcements whenever her elevator stops at its destination floors. Her life story was even dramatized for TV, and the larger SM organization itself has taken her on as a brand ambassador. And that Saturday she entertained and made guests laugh thanks to her fun emcee skills as co-host of the event. She also introduced the various figure skaters who performed at the rink, proving that size is never a problem for axles, arabesques and more.

The Summer Adventures on Ice rink opened for guests the following day, Sunday March 4. For the benefit of Generals who want to try it out, the rules state that skaters must be at least 4 feet in height, and must be wearing pants/leg warmers and preferably thick sports socks. The rink has a uniform skating fee per head, of either P160/hour (Monday-Thursday) or P200/hour (Friday-Sunday). The fee will provide a pair of rental ice skates and a safety helmet. Skaters can pay an additional P80 to rent a “skating guide” to help themselves keep upright, for 45 minutes use.

Generals can enjoy skating with Summer Adventures on Ice at SM City GenSan, where it will remain in operation until May 31, the end of Summer Vacation for many. That’s plenty of time for a lot of people to experience ice skating and the wonder it brings to all comers.


Photo courtesy of SM General Santos FB Page

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