GENSAN LGU and UST Say Their Campus Will Start Construction THIS YEAR, and Finish by 2020


When it comes to the matter of when exactly the work on the GenSan campus for the University of Santo Tomas (UST) will finally commence, the past year or so has had several announcements but no definitive date set in stone. Despite reports on the survey work being undertaken on the planned site between Barangay’s Ligaya and Katangawan, the drought of any further information has made some doubt if UST would ever fully commit in the city. Finally, this first month of 2018 comes a new assurance that the university will have a GenSan campus, and they’ll actually start building.

TV Patrol SOCSKSARGEN reports that the GenSan LGU has promised that, most definitely, the first buildings in the city’s very own UST campus will finally begin going up this year. They attribute this to the influx of new investments on GenSan that would give the push for commencement of construction. Another sign of the wheels turning on the project is the recent visit last week of UST Manila’s rector, Fr. Herminio Dagohoy Jr., to meet with Mayor Ronnel Rivera regarding the kick-off for development of the complex by the following month. He expressed thanks to the LGU for their support.

“We will start our development as early as the second or third week of February this year,” Fr. Dagohoy tells ABS-CBN News. At this rate of preparations, the structures of UST GenSan are all but guaranteed to see its walls take shape before 2018 is out. The total land area occupied by the campus in Ligaya and Katangawan is just under a hectare short of a full 80. Key structures include the main building, a chapel, a gymnasium, and a residence for the Dominican Fathers who serve as either teachers or administrators of the university.

CGI imagery of the campus concept available online show an impressive architectural layout for UST GenSan, with wide tree-lined avenues, and a plaza featuring a white square frame-like central monument. Initial courses to be offered include Information Technology, Computer Sciences and Business Management. Other offerings include short science courses and a Graduate School, though no specific Master’s courses were mentioned by Fr. Dagohoy.

The UST Main in Manila expects that their GenSan campus will be completed and fully prepared to operate classes by 2020, some two years from now. The Diocese of Marbel is very happy and expectant for the campus to open. UST being a pontifical academic institution, its presence will be highly advantageous not just to students in the city and surrounding communities, but for the BIMP-EAGA as a whole as well.

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