Nostalgia is a powerful sentiment in people. Even today, when the world does feel very advanced, with technological progress and social media connectivity online, there are certain age groups that can’t help but look back towards simpler times, the days when the internet was a minor novelty, when phones aren’t carried around, when correspondence was done by mail. It was a slower-paced world, and its memories are all the more sweet for those who grew to adulthood in those times.

So strong is the spirit and camaraderie of these members of the Generation X, or those whose prime of life was in the 1970s, 80s and 90s, that a Facebook group started by a number of them based in our nation’s capital has grown and transformed into a viral social media phenomenon locally. The group, called “Classic Pare® Titos and Titas of Manila” was organized just this October, but by November their various posts, filled with nostalgia for images, locations, celebrities and icons of yesteryear have turned into a major Facebook hit in the Philippines.

What a good idea! I’m sure that was in the mind of Thomas Bebot Haw, owner of GenSan’s Shalom Crest Wizard Academy. And so he took it upon himself to start a spinoff group that caters more specifically to the uncles and aunties among us Generals; or, to pronounce it in the Visayan accent, “Angkol ug Anty.” This localized FB Group started out in late November, and by the same date this December their membership has reached almost 12,000 avowed uncles and aunts.

Granted, the original “Titos and Titas of Manila” already has over a million members in only two months. But still, “Angko ug Anty” is already far-reaching enough that they already have a well-established Iloilo Chapter? And the group’s even got an official logo with an anime design courtesy of Angkol Bench Santiago, a logo that’s used by the Iloilo Chapter as well.

That’s actually big enough now that Angkol ug Anty decided it was high time to hold the FB Group’s first ever Grand Tapok-Tapok (Reunion). This massive real-world meet-up took place Thursday, December 21, at the Atrium of Veranza Mall, where a veritable crowd of Angkol ug Anty Members gathered to celebrate the nostalgia spirit that has brought them together.

The program was a time to reminisce again, back to those days of old when it felt like the world was already the best that it could be, even before the dawn of the internet and smartphones and all the stuff that’s more associated with the “Millennials.” Angkols and Antys were out in force at Veranza, wearing the trending fashions of their days. They also engaged in a series of parlor games that were so in vogue way back when. The well-known names that also appeared to join the festivities (and the ranks of the Angkols and Antys) were quite surprising. One Anty even took a selfie with her (self-professed) ex, Bobby Pacquiao. Does that make him “Angkol Bob” like the classic GMA live kids’ program? You tell me.

It has also been a supreme honor and pleasure for me to join in with the fun and recollections. After all, I’m an Angkol myself. Speaking of which, if you’re feeling the need to indulge in all those 70s-90s nostalgia within you, why not share your fond memories with the rest of the GenSan “Angkol ug Anty” group on Facebook? They’re a closed group, but if you’re at least 35 years and have nephews and nieces of your own, then the community would be happy to welcome you into the club. Let’s keep those memories of Generation X alive, and share it with others on social media and in real life. That’s how a GenSan Angkol and Anty would do things. See you around.

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