New GenSan Dining Hub Opens: HIGH CUBE FOOD DISTRICT


For Generals looking for something new to experience in the city, especially in the gastronomic front, then there’s a new eating place with a goodly variety of choices that just opened last week. Osmeña South Avenue, just off the intersection with Roxas East Avenue and the City Hall Drive, has been increasingly establishing itself as a prime location for dining establishments, from coffeehouses to restaurant grills to quaint little bistros. Over the past couple of months, a new structure was being erected next to The M-Place building. This is the High Cube Food District, a multi-story dining hub that’s set to become the newest favorite GenSan hangout.

High Cube Food District was officially opened for patrons on Friday, December 8 to massive fanfare. Dining customers eagerly filed in to sample one of the many food stall that have set up shop in the hub. There are after all, 26 different stalls that have made the High Cube Home, arranged in a U-shaped structure, three stories high and overlooking a main common dining area. The upper floors also have enough space for tables and chairs immediately in front of their respective stalls. There’s even a stage area for musical performances on the second floor, while large fans on the ceiling (with skylights) keep the whole place cool.

Among the many establishments offering delectable foods at the High Cube Food District are: Fire Lord Grill, Arabian Knights (Middle Eastern cuisine), The Good Box (packed meals), Caveman, Yukimora (Japanese cuisine), Street Wok (stir-fry), the Poptail Bar, Da Pur Indo (Indonesian food), K-Bap (Korean), Yummy Tummy (lechon belly), and even the familiar Nanay Bebeng. The dining system is rather unique as the High Cube is equipped with a wireless calling system called Queu, with which patrons can alert a stall as to what they’ll be having for the day.

It’s simply incredible as to how the High Cube managed to gather an eclectic selection of different food styles to be available at their dining hub. The open-front construction is also very welcome, allowing customers on the upper floors a good high view of downtown GenSan outside. The opening day crowd looks to be a sign of success for this dining endeavor, and we hope that the High Cube Food District really takes off with the Generals enough that soon outside visitors and tourists will discover it too. It’s time to make plans to explore the stalls soon.

Photo courtesy of High Cube Food District FB Page

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