COCO MARTIN to Visit GENSAN for Promotion of “ANG PANDAY” Film


Other Philippine TV networks might argue specifics, but there’s really no reasonable doubt that one primetime program is what a solid number of Filipinos are watching every weekday. Crime drama series “Ang Probinsyano,” starring actor Coco Martin, has got a solid lock on the Filipino public with its blend of traditional soap opera emotion-wringers, solid action scenes and underlying commentary on present-day socio-political issues.

Seemingly mandated to run indefinitely on TV by popular demand, plans to have Coco do an anthology of Fernando Poe Jr. roles have been reshuffled into having him take up said other roles on film, such as “Ang Panday” which he will also be directing. It’s in light of promoting this movie that Coco Martin will be dropping in on us here in GenSan.

TV Patrol SOCSKSARGEN revealed Thursday afternoon that, indeed, Coco Martin of “Ang Probinsyano” fame will be visiting the Tuna Capital of the Philippines. He’s expected to arrive next month, on December 2. This is to promote his starring role and directorial effort in the upcoming feature film “Ang Panday,” from his CCM Film Productions label alongside Viva Films and Star Cinema. This will also be the second iconic character role he will “inherit” from the originator, the late Fernando Poe Jr.

In line with promoting “Ang Panday,” which may well be an entry to the end-year Metro Manila Film Festival, Coco will be engaging in both a mall show and a motorcade to hype up his followers from “Ang Probinsyano” on ABS-CBN Primetime for this big-screen blockbuster, which takes the mythical themes of the original story by Carlo J. Caparas (made into a movie with FPJ starting in 1980) into a new take as a modern-day urban fantasy adventure.

Earlier attempts to bring modern sensibilities to the “Panday” story include a 1998 film starring Jinggoy Estrada. A TV series remake with contemporary interludes was also aired on ABS-CBN back in 2005, starring Jericho Rosales as another character to take up the meteor-forged knife-sword to fight evil. Another actor who has brought the character to life was Ramon Revilla Jr. in two separate movies (1993 and 2009).

For fans marking their calendars regarding Coco’s December 2 GenSan visit, note that his movie motorcade will start at 10 in the morning along the National Highway, down Pendatun Ave., Pioneer Ave., P. Acharaon Blvd., Santiago Blvd.; J. Catolico Ave. and ending at the Lagao round-ball.

His mall show appearance will be later that day at the KCC Mall Convention and Events Center, 3PM. Admission, thankfully, is free. TV Patrol SOCSKSARGEN does advise umbrellas for people waiting along the motorcade route in the morning, along with drinking water in case it gets hot out.

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