Delicious Quality Meals at Reasonably Affordable Prices with BIGBEN Steak and Grills


Sometimes, a true jewel (both literal and figuratively) can only be spotted when one searches very carefully, even looking behind what already lies before your very eyes. In a way, that pretty much sums up the location of BIGBEN Steaks and Grills, because it is not quite obvious unless you have a reason to go to where it is. When going along General Santos City’s Santiago Boulevard right up to its junction with the National Highway, you will run into Valley High, a commercial complex comprising a quality hotel and arcade for various leisure establishments. It is here, where our destination lies.

Easy to spot from the street is the impressive façade of GenSan’s very own Microtel by Wyndham – Inn & Suites, one of the latest go-to accommodations for traveling businessmen and tourists in the city. To one side of the open parking lot and park is a long building arcade that goes almost up to the Microtel building itself. This arcade features a spa and multiple dining options from a café to full bistros. Our focus here will be on BIGBEN Steaks and Grills.

Just a single glance at the place will tell any prospective diner that BIGBEN was built for large groups of patrons coming in for large servings of sizzling quality steaks and grilled meals, as its name spells out. Four-person chairs are arranged outside facing the Valley High parking lot and central park for customers who would like to dine in the open air, but the interior is most definitely optimized for large parties, mainly convention assemblies or clan reunions. BIGBEN also prides itself as one of the primary dining hubs for GenSan’s expat communities. It is not difficult to see why foreign diners love it here when you look at their menu; some of its items are most definitely a taste of the old country for many of them.

As pretty much advertised in their name, BIGBEN’s forte is in its yummy selection of steaks and grilled meals. They’ve got practically every type of meat covered, and their beef selection also offers a choice between local and quality imported Angus Beef. Foreign travelers and resident expats also favor the place due to their singular menu items with tastes from home, be it the Japanese sukiyaki in the Soup section, the New York Strip steak, or the Vietnamese rolls. Those who fancy Filipino cooking will not be disappointed either. Their signature kare-kare (oxtail or pata) and bulalo are excellent selections.

Let’s go over BIGBEN’s menu in further detail. Their list of appetizers covers a wide spectrum and is indicative of what to expect from their meals. Filipino-style kinilaw is listed alongside Latino nachos and calamares, and tuna sashimi as well. Their soup is also of superb taste and texture, from continental corn soup, creams of mushroom or pumpkin, and the sukiyaki as stated earlier. The salad list contains the first menu item named after the restaurant itself, the Ben’s Salad of Lettuce and Fruits. Other choices include the Fresh Garden variety, Mediterranean Beef, and Oriental Salad.

Perhaps the best of the best that BIGBEN Steaks and Grills can offer is the Angus Beef menu, with the most famous types of beef meals in evidence. Filet Mignon, Rib Eye, Top Sirloin and Flat Iron are simply the most delicious cuts to be had. But the local beef version is no slouch either, with one’s choice of T-Bone, Porterhouse, Salpicao and Pinoy Steak to name a few. Pork enthusiasts will appreciate the house’s baby back ribs, tenderloin and grilled or breaded pork chops. Or perhaps you might prefer savory chicken steak and hot honey chicken wings.

Other than beef and pork, seafood is where BIGBEN’s grilling specialty is at its peak. Diners can go for GenSan’s iconic food product with the Grilled Tuna Belly, alongside other Filipino standards such as Bangus, Tilapia, Pompano and Lapu-Lapu. Britons can avail of their own taste from home with some good old-fashioned Fish and Chips. If one can’t make up their minds about what to have, the Mixed Seafood Grill option is very much welcome and a hit with large dinner parties.

What else goes great being grilled on a spit? Sausages! That’s’ right, BIGBEN has got this covered as well. The greatest hits from Hungarian to Bratwurst and Frankfurters are totally represented in all their smoky delicious goodness. Meanwhile, patrons looking to have a little bit of everything and still pay a reasonable price can go for the restaurants combo meals. Late risers from the nearby Microtel will see a BIGBEN All-Day Breakfast spreads as a lifesaver. There are also Lunch and Dinner Combo plates and even Kiddie Meals for smaller servings. As if it weren’t obvious yet, BIGBEN Steaks and Grills are totally on top of what their customers would like to eat.

Let’s not forget the best way to top off a full-course meal: dessert. BIGBEN does not do half-measures when giving their diners something sweet or light before they go back on the road. Look no further than their selection of genuine homemade ice cream, or their delicious pan pizza with your choice of toppings. There is nothing better than toasting your host with your pizza slice or cup of cold ice cream to thank them for your delicious gastronomic interlude. They deserve every praise.

I believe there really is nothing more vital to say about BIGBEN other than to ask: What else could you be waiting for? Head on over to Valley High behind the McDonald’s along National Highway, right next to the Microtel by Wyndham –GenSan, and get a taste of the best steak and grill to be had here. They are open seven days a week from 9:30AM to midnight (up to 2AM on Fridays and Saturdays). Reservations for the entire venue are available, takeout orders are good, and all major Visa and MasterCard are accepted. BIGBEN Steaks and Grills is a must-eat-at. Facebook page


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