When the most important day of your life comes, one very important issue to consider might be how that day looks for you. And perhaps no other important day of a person’s life (and that of another at the same time) completely relies on looking as beautiful as possible, than a wedding. It is after all a monumental moment between two souls ready to spend the rest of their lives together, the foundation towards building a new family in the world. Such an occasion that ideally involves two families and numerous other guests needs the discerning eye and practiced hand of a skilled coordinator. And in the GenSan area, one of the leading outfits in wedding coordination and related services is Classic Wedding Ideals Collection.

This outfit is the brainchild of veteran wedding planner and coordinator Nilda Docena, herself a native of GenSan. She and four other associates make up the staff of Classic Wedding Ideals Collection, easily one of the best and most trusted matrimonial planners in the city. Such a distinction is no idle boast either, as they have the achievements and commendations to prove it. Mrs. Docena’s company has regularly showcased their designs at the Kasalang Filipino wedding exhibition. In 2009 they were voted ‘Best in Flower Design’ and in the years to follow, they would all the way by having their exhibit win the First Prize.


The good and highly experienced people at Classic Wedding Ideals Collection have been in the planning business for years, and they are definitely the most understanding people to talk to in order to make dream weddings into reality. Mrs. Docena and her associates always make it a point to forge connections with every couple they cater to, and these bonds transcend a strictly working relationship in order to get to the heart of both bride and groom. It is the knowledge gleaned from closely working with their couples that Classic Wedding Ideals Collection translates into magnificent wedding events that reflect the bride, groom, and the two of them together.

Organizing a wedding can oftentimes be comparable with planning a military operation, with the sheer number of details major and minute to figure out. From the ceremony to the reception, and all points within and in between, it can get ridiculously difficult to keep track of all the wardrobes, the decorations, vital accessories, trained staff, venue bookings, and food that must be masterfully coordinated into a single seamless event. That said, soon-to-be-married couple and their families can rest assured that Mrs. Docena and her team will help them get everything under control and within the set budget.


It is a good thing then that Classic Wedding Ideals Collection prides itself on being a nuptial “One-Stop Shop.” They will of course help couples coordinate and plan the wedding of their dreams, no ifs and buts about it. Leave it to the team to procure desired decorations for the event, and then design and print invitations to everyone on the guest list. To help preserve this precious day for posterity, they also provide photography services.

Classic Wedding Ideals also presents their wide variety of wedding-themed products in their collection. These range from wedding clothes, bridal gowns, footwear, perfumes and and jewelry to really help the celebrants and their entourage stand out and catch everybody’s eye. Receptions are also made more memorable with decorative glassware for the dining tables, and trinkets for every attending guests ranging from giveaways to souvenirs as a memento of this very important day.


One would think that this would be all that Classic Wedding Ideas Collection might offer, but don’t let their name limit the possibilities of what they can do. For Mrs. Docena and her associates can definitely do a whole lot more than just weddings. They have also worked on big birthday bashes like debuts and anniversary celebrations, as well as child christening ceremonies or blessings of new home and workplaces. Best of all, every occasion is sure to be a unique experience from everything else done before and afterward. Classic Wedding Ideals Collection is everything anybody could ever ask for in preparing for the most important days of one’s life, whatever they may be, guaranteed.

For more information on Classic Wedding Ideals Collection, especially snippets of the weddings and special events that they have recently worked on, you can visit their official Facebook page at You can also call them for inquiries on their services and products on their landline number, (083) 301 3532. Finally, the Classic Wedding Ideals Collection store and gown section is located at Quirino Avenue, beside He Sed Botica and fronting South Elementary School, in General Santos City. They look forward to you dropping by.


Photo courtesy of Classic Wedding Ideals Collection’s FB Page

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