SHAMCEY SUPSUP to Headline ARISE MINDANAO Fashion Show during TUNA FESTIVAL with Jhun Ador as Designer


Traditional Mindanao fashion has been a key element of the rich and vibrant culture of the tribes that lived in the southern Philippines both before the coming and during the presence of Western Civilization. Even today, the fashions of tradition from the various tribes of Mindanao are worn frequently, even regularly, by these same peoples to keep the legacy of their ancestors alive, as well as others to celebrate their culture and legacy. Indeed, the materials used in the fabrics of traditional clothing, and the traditional looks when they are put together as an ensemble, are in themselves a great cause for celebration.

It should be no wonder then that brilliant and fashionable minds have come together to present traditional Mindanao fashions in a whole new contemporary light with a special fashion show being put together as part of the many events happening during the 2017 GenSan Tuna Festival. This is “Arise Mindanao,” a dinner fashion show “for the Tribes of Mindanao.” The program is the brainchild of Jhun Ador, a Mindanaoan fashion designer and the creator of local GenSan clothing label Feliciano. “Arise Mindanao” is sponsored by the City Government and the Dalsaka Foundation, Inc.

Jhun Ador counts himself as a fan and apprentice in fashion to Paul Cabral, a major name in Philippine fashion designers, who has also expressed his approval for “Arise Mindanao,” a fashion show for a cause. Also giving his support for this endeavor is another of Jhun Ador’s designer idols, Rocky Gathercole who has built a solid fashion reputation from Saudi Arabia, and afterwards became dressmaker to the likes of Paris Hilton and Katy Perry. The patronage from these two pillars of fashion has given “Arise Mindanao” a legitimacy of style unlike any other.


But that is not all. To really drive the point home that “Arise Mindanao” is a major fashion extravaganza that showcases the timelessness of traditional Mindanao tribal dress, Jhun Ador has managed to acquire the personal endorsement of none other than Miss Universe 2011 3rd runner-up and General (by hometown if not birthplace) Shamcey Supsup. Miss Supsup will take to the catwalk as the special guest model, ready to flaunt the artistic imaginings of Jhun Ador’s great vision. Surely, “Arise Mindanao” will be a major hit that will present contemporary Mindanaoan fashion to the country and the world.

This major fashion event will take place during the 2017 Tuna Festival week. It will be held at the Phela Grande Convention Center this coming September 2. For tickets and inquiries you may call or send a message to 09072948005. Or you may visit Feliciano by Jhun Ador, in front of NDDU along National Highway at Barangay City Heights, General Santos City. See you there!

Photo courtesy of Jhun Ador’s FB page

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