ANDORRA ESTATES: GenSan’s Newest Premiere Urban Development for Tomorrow


If you need any further indicator that General Santos City is the heart of the commercial and industrial complex of South Central Mindanao, look no further than the numerous development projects continuously being carried out throughout its expanses right at this very moment. Major names in land development have already staked out their prospective corners of GenSan, and a number of them have already begun work. One of the newest powerhouses on the proverbial block is CHMI Land (CLI). Part of the larger umbrella of the Corporate Holdings Management Inc. (CHMI) Group of Companies, CLI has planted the seed of a premiere development project in the city’s southwestern quadrant. They call it Andorra Estates, and it is poised to significantly change the face of GenSan.

The outskirts of Barangay Tambler are the chosen site for CHMI Land to develop into Andorra Estates. Its location is excellent due to the elevated location, which gives the place a clear view of Sarangani Bay dominating the south. There’s also no need for concern regarding the proximity of Andorra Estates to the rest of the community, as it lies directly off a main national highway connecting the development to both GenSan and its adjacent municipalities of Sarangani Province. Tambler itself is relatively close to the main urban center, making the project viable for premiere residential development.

CHMI Land, which oversees the creation of Andorra Estates, is a tried and true veteran and expert in real estate development, with prior projects such as the various Kassel residences, Palm Hill, Bay Hill Executive and Campo Verde. Taking consideration of the surrounding natural environment, CLI is taking thorough steps in keeping the outdoor beauty by setting down strong roots in the location to allow for effective land development. Systems for irrigation and solid waste management are an integral component of building up Andorra Estates. So is an organize village management staffed with consummate professional help and investment in good community practices with the neighbors.

In planning the general layout of Andorra Estates, CLI is taking advantage of its elevated location. The residential enclaves are laid out neatly, with part of it centered on a superbly appointed village center. Furthermore, each residential section of the village is terraced; the further to the general north one goes in Andorra Estates, the higher a residential enclave is elevated compared to the one to its south. That way all residents will be treated to a view of Sarangani Bay that is as unobstructed as possible, further reinforcing its premium image.

The Andorra Estates village center will be a miniature commercial and cultural hub in and of itself, with space available to accommodate a well-varied arcade of retail shops that is open to patronage not just to residents of the development but also to the general public of GenSan, accessible from the highway. Thankfully for would-be Andorra residents, they will still retain a good deal of privacy thanks to having a residential gate screening them from the potential bustle of the village center arcade.

Other prominent amenities here are a pavilion with amphitheater as well as jogging paths, swimming pools, a naturally-designed pond, children’s playground and game courts. Andorra also has its very own chapel, the better to cement the Estates as a genuine community.

Residential enclaves in Andorra Estates are wide and spacious, with five phases of development. The first phase is directly connected with the village center, with the other four wide and spacious. The number of housing blocks per phase range from a closely-knit five up to a sprawling 13.


Photo courtesy of Andorra Estates FB Page

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