We’ve featured the FB Hotel and Convention Center of Koronadal City in a previous article, but the FB Group of Companies as a whole has another, more ambitious plan of expansion for the capital of South Cotabato province. These projects for the near future were first previewed just this January at the 3rd Anniversary dinner celebrations of the FB Hotel and Convention Center. Following a welcome speech to the assembled guests, FB Group of Companies CEO Benjamin Figueroa presented a showcase of what is to come soon in Koronadal, a multi-story multi-function building complex known as the FB Tower.

At first glance of the preview CG render, the FB Tower doesn’t look much like a tower at all. True it looks to be seven floors high plus rooftop level, which counts as being high enough among buildings in Mindanao, but the proposed complex is also quite expansive across. Mr. Figueroa has stated that the FB Tower will rise in the heart of Koronadal, and indeed it looks like the complex once completed with have a commanding position in the cityscape, likely taking over from the iconic façade of the KCC Mall.

Nothing quite sells the image of the future like the façade of a new high-rise building. Judging from the preview graphic, the FB Tower is a blending of modern design elements, from the large panes of glass on the windows, a flat-roof rotunda, sloped surfaces, what appears to be an artificial waterfall in one section and even a curved portion of the roof. There are also trees planted in plots around the entrance, as well as – somehow – on the roof deck too, though whether they will carry over to the actual structure will have to wait.

There is speculation as to what businesses and commercial elements will make their how at the FB Tower when it’s finished. Here FBGC CEO Figueroa gives some distinct possibilities. Most certainly a portion of the complex will be reserved as a sort of annex to the FB Hotel and Convention Center, which despite having quite the number of rooms in four stories is already starting to get swamped with guest bookings. So part of FB Tower is set to include additional rooms for Hotel guests, parking space, and definitely more convention or function venues both inside and likely at the roof deck too.

Aside from additional accommodations the FB Tower is tailor made to become a commercial hub, with enough space to turn into a new shopping center or mall. The fantastic designs of the building façade plus the interior layout and number of floors look to attract a fair number of major brand tenants to set up shop there. Anything left could also work as leasable office space, much like malls in other locations such as Davao City.

This is all mere speculation on what the FB Tower might be like when its construction and development are still in its early stages. Still, the preview lain out by the FB Group of Companies while they celebrated the third-year success of their hotel and convention center paints a really singular vision for the Koronadal of tomorrow. This tall and wide complex of multiple functions is a sure sign that the city and capital of South Cotabato is well on the rise to becoming even more of an equal than just a junior partner in progressing the economy and lifestyle of Southern Mindanao. It will be a treat to look forward to when the FB Tower will be completed. Generals from GenSan will soon have even more sights to visit in Koronadal, and that’s a good thing.

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