VENUE 88 and SUITES 88: Budget-Friendly Quality

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I find it remarkably fortuitous that our offices are located a rather short distance away from one of the most versatile special events venue and hotel accommodation in all of General Santos City. I’m talking about the Venue 88 Resto and Resort, which also includes the luxuriously appointed Suites 88 Hotel. Smartly located just a ways off of the city’s main entrance roadway, this cozy all-purpose establishment is easily accessible by tourists and travelers arriving by way of the airport, the seaport and even vehicle transport from further inland. Venue 88 has cemented its reputation among Generals as a party and special events hub; the addition of Suites 88 Hotel can only build up its renown with visitors from elsewhere.

As stated before, Venue 88 (and Suites 88) is reasonably reached from General Santos City’s primary points of travel access. If arriving by air at the General Santos City International Airport, simply take public transport (taxis or such) along the GSC Circumferential Road until reaching the intersection with the South Cotabato – Sarangani Road, where you turn right until arriving at the Hadano Park junction, where you turn left into the National Highway. Arriving by sea from Makar Wharf, simply take transportation straight up the South Cotabato – Sarangani Road until reaching Hadano Park, where you take a right turn. Travel along the National Highway until arriving at the junction to Mabuhay Road (alternatively Dacera Road, a left turn just before the right-hand turn for Bulaong Overland Terminal). Simply turn left into Mabuhay Road and head straight up until seeing the Venue 88 main gate to your left.

Venue 88 was initially known as one of GenSan’s best places to hold parties and other large gatherings, from high school proms to wedding receptions and reunions. The complex has a total of three pavilions that can accommodate around 500 each, enabling them to host multiple special events at once. They even have a light-up signboard denoting what occasion is being held in which pavilion, sort of like in a multiplex cinema. Each pavilion is catered to in terms of food by smart teams of professional staff, with wide and varied menus to bring out in a buffet that will satisfy many palates. And Venue 88 is already busy constructing a new addition to better serve more parties in the future.

But the new attraction on the location is the exquisitely designed Suites 88 Hotel. Geared in mind for both business and leisure travelers, Suites 88 can take on a great amount of traffic with their large and wide parking space, that can carry not just hotel guests but attendees of whatever events are happening on the Venue 88 pavilions out front. The façade really sells the sheer level of comfort and sophistication that Suites 88 is going for, but don’t make the mistake of being intimidated away. Their 28 guestrooms and 2 suites may be of high quality but the rates are surprisingly reasonable.

The rooms have cable TV and the swankiest elegant appointments around, from the beds to the closets and furniture. Meanwhile the suites take the level of quality from the regular guestrooms and dial them up to eleven, having their own vanities, kitchenette and dining room, a tub in the bathroom as well as balconies to take in the view outside. Rates start at less than a thousand pesos for single room occupancy, with the suites on the other end of the scale at under P4000.

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But a place to bed for the night isn’t the only way for Suites 88 to pamper and spoil their guests. Attached to the main hotel is its own full-service restaurant, the reason I know the larger Venue 88 complex quite well. Ghabriel’s Café is a cozy dining place that I’ve had the pleasure of patronizing before, thanks again to our offices being just a few minutes’ walk away. And their specialties do not disappoint, having a fine selection of both local Filipino delicacies and international continental standards that will fill up hungry tummies real good. The Ghabriel’s Café menu also evolves with the passing of time, and I was quite pleased with some of the additional items over the months I’ve dined there.

That’s still not all of it however. Suites 88 Hotel has their own pool with outdoor snack bar and mini cottages. Wireless internet is also available throughout the immediate premises. Their desk is also open 24 hours a day, and also arranges for banquet sales at any of the Venue 88 pavilions. Security is also a paramount perk, with electronic locks on the guestrooms, CCTV coverage and a power generator. The front desk can also call for airport transfers. I’m telling you, Suites 88 and Venue 88 have your needs covered.

For more information, if you’re planning to stay with Suites 88 when in GenSan, you may contact them at the following numbers: (083) 553 – 9988 for landline calls, or 0998 565 7388 for mobile. You may also make your inquiries by email at

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