Print it Better in GENSAN with NEW JERSEY PRINTERS

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With the fast growth of General Santos City, a great need is rising for services in printing and signage. Newly opening businesses want to make an impression with their names in catchy logos over their doorsteps, as well as additional signs to detail their products or menu or services. Companies, institutions, and the sort could call for banners and similar media to announce a special occasion for example, and list schedules for events related to that occasion. Perhaps families need signs to celebrate a loved one’s birthday, or graduation, or wedding…and conversely to say goodbye and such.

There’s a growing need for printed media and signage that are not merely easy on the eyes but are of superb quality too, not easily worn out by the ravages of weather and time, built to last. But Generals need look no further than New Jersey Marketing and Advertising Printers or for short New Jersey Printers. Their identity is top quality, and they give their word that THEY print it better than anyone else. ‘New Jersey Printers‘ is Gensan’s leading signage printer and provider of advertising materials. They are among the foremost names the city comes to for large-scale tarpaulin printing for business and other locations.

Already a great slew of prominent local businesses have New Jersey Printers to thank for with their swanky and attention-grabbing light-up signage work. Names range from Morgan Group of Companies, Boss Chicken, Mira Maternity Clinic, Local Salons and Restaurants, GenSan Aurora Auto Supply, net-cafes like the Infinity Gaming Lounge, and even large companies like Dadiangas Glass & Construction Depot. RD Group of Companies and major banks in Gensan also availed of New Jersey Printers’ services for Marketing Blitz and Collaterals. The expertise of New Jersey Printers is also sought after by local government, regional and national brand chains, examples being the Palawan Pawnshop in J. Catolico Ave, the Mercury Drug branch in Robinson’s Place, the Brigada Group of Companies, GMA TV-8 and more.


Perhaps the most major visible testament to the quality of service to be had with New Jersey Printers was in recent months when the local distribution and retailer of international smartphone brand OPPO took them on to not only print signage – stickers, glass modules, sintra boards – for their retail shops at SM City GenSan, but also an ingenious marketing ad involving a larger than life blow-up balloon of OPPO’s cute alien mascot, one that certainly managed to draw crowds in order to check out the latest smartphone models available. That period of time when SM City GenSan was garbed in OPPO green was thanks to the astounding efforts of New Jersey Printers.

But don’t make the mistake of assuming that all they can do is the big stuff. You’d be surprised to know that New Jersey Printers also offers printing of small stuff such as shirts, identification cards, campaign buttons and standees. They also have a slew of non-digital products, such as custom-printed pillows with personalized photographs, labeled key chains, tote bags and canvas bags, personalized mugs, trophies and award plaques, even acrylic lettering for mall carts and food kiosks for malls.


For all the extreme quality of their work, one last advantage you’ve got with New Jersey Printers is that they charge quite reasonable and affordable rates for their services like you wouldn’t believe. You pay a fair price for every square foot of your tarpaulin printing, and not a peso more. It just goes to show that no other media and advertising printing outfit in General Santos can offer you the best quality like New Jersey Printers. You’ve got a city’s worth of billboards and signage to prove it.

‘New Jersey Printers’ is located at Lapu-Lapu Street, General Santos City (beside Marbel Cable and Eleona Pension House). For more details on their services and printing inquiries you may contact them by mobile at 302-2649/09326072178, or email at: To check their portfolio and services being offered, check their Facebook here.

New Jersey printers

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