WIRELESS LINK: Still the leader in ICT

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In 2009 a new business opened in Manila as a provider of the best and latest in information and communication tech (ICT). From this humble beginning grew Wireless Link Technologies Inc. (WLTI), now established as one of the country’s go-to names when it comes not only to ICT but also systems integration, helping customers in setting up affordable and effective systems in security, surveillance, GPS vehicle tracking, VoIP telephony and communication networking. Thanks to strong partnerships with some of the most iconic global brands in electronics and networking, and a highly experienced and internationally pool of electronic communications engineers, Wireless Link holds true to its reputation as a premier Philippine ICT provider and systems integrator for eight straight years.

With 2017, WLTI’s Year 8 well underway, they have been quite busy, with the induction of fresh new talent among their ranks along with the introduction of some new electronic hardware that will certainly suit one’s ICT needs whatever they may be. The latest crop of products are geared towards matters of security, with no less than three different fingerprint scanner models for a client’s specific biometric and access control needs.

The ZKTeco F7 Biometric Access Control has a 1-touch 1-employee recognition fingerprint reader good for biometric-keyed entryway security access. Its ZK optical sensor is highly accurate enough to commit to memory up to 2200 templates and 50000 individual transactions, with a fingerprint biometric all one needs to get past, with no pin necessary. The F7’s tamper-proof switch and alarm outputs has support for 50 different time zones, five separate groups and 10 unlock combinations, and can run on its own without a computer connected to it.

Meanwhile, the ZKTeco X628-C is a highly favored biometric time and attendance device, excellent for keeping accurate and spoof-proof daily time records of personnel attendance. To that end it can store 3000 templates and 100,000 transactions, with options for either fingerprint record or PINs. The system even has an option for reading smartcards if available, manual data transfer USB port and multi-language support.

For a smaller organization’s simplified needs, there’s the ZKTeco SFace 900 Semi-Outdoor Multi-Biometric Time Attendance & Access Control Terminal. It’s capable of storing 1200 face templates and 2000 templates for fingerprints, all recognizable by the system at impressive high verification speeds, one-face one-user. And the scanner’s guaranteed good at telling real faces from photos, to avoid spoofing the system. An option for backup batteries will ensure the scanner can keep working even four hours without power.

Wireless Link is also keeping abreast of the latest ICT-related events in the country, such as the recent approval for a national broadband network connecting all government agencies and offices, under the auspices of President Rodrigo R. Duterte. No doubt, once the system setup is underway, WLTI might surely be one of the candidates to address this ICT endeavor for the country.

Adding to their big clients like Dole Stanfilco and Anflo Corp is the Local Government of Digos City. For more details about Wirelss Link, visit their website http://wireless-link.net.

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