The Affordable Americana of WINDSOR HEIGHTS SUBD

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General Santos City is a fast-growing urban center in the southern Philippines; and as the population grows, more families move in, or more people already resident begin to aspire for a better home, it’s easy to see that the local housing industry is a rather healthy one. Here and there, in this corner of the city from the urban center or that, subdivisions are popping up like daisies, looking to entice potential homeowners to give them a shot. And GenSan has grown quite enough to have even more nationally branded properties such as Camella and Robinson’s have since established their own housing communities here. Still, if these names sound a wee bit steep for your own estimates, then there are other properties in the city that could meet your twin priorities of affordability and sheer presence.

Just off the National Highway and up the mostly straight but definitely long path of Mabuhay Road, the McGregor Development Corporation has been working on one of the newest housing subdivisions in General Santos City that is  quickly gaining a great deal of attention. The site has only started work on the first residences a year prior, but already the results have gone far beyond promising and on to being breathtakingly incredible. This is the majestic selling point of Windsor Heights Subdivision. At a glance they are easily perceived as classy and high-end, and why think otherwise?

The Windsor Heights Subdivision is rather conveniently positioned despite looking as if it’s so out of the way. While the view of the higher lands and Mount Matutum behind the entire complex is most welcome, it would be a mistake to describe the subdivision as remote. Branching off from Mabuhay Road, one can easily travel from the subdivision gates to the Gensan Circumferential Diversion Road, and from there have easy travel access to General Santos City International Airport, Davao City and Koronadal City, capital of South Cotabato province. A new bus terminal to service the city will also be constructed along that road, for ease of public overland transport.

Educational prospects are also looking good for future residents due to Windsor Heights’ proximity to the planned site of the Gensan campus for the University of Santo Tomas. While waiting however, a more established school in the Notre Dame – Sienna College, a mere 10-15 minutes away from the subdivision; and that means the city center can be reached by tricycle and other public vehicles in only 15-20 minutes, right from the main gate.

Our team has paid the much storied Windsor Heights Subdivision recently and we have been fairly impressed by what we’ve seen thus far. While the bustle of construction is still evident, the houses that have already been completed were a marvel to behold. Thus far we have examined two available models: the Brick Carlo Gregory and the Amara with Loft.

The bungalow type has a comfortable lot area of 121sqm and 80sqm floor area (leaving space for a carport), with three bedrooms and two bathrooms. But perhaps the crowning achievement for Windsor Heights is the Amara with Loft that got us snapping pictures. While their outer design has a commonality, this model looks like an American home in the suburbs, with three bedrooms and bathrooms (two of which are part of two of the bedrooms), a second floor study area and even a quaint little balcony off the second story bedroom. That one certainly got my votes.

If you’re looking for a totally elegant-looking new home with a surprisingly reasonable price, then look no further than the Windsor Heights Subdivision, courtesy of McGregor development Corporation. Visit their site at Mabuhay Road, Gen. Santos City. You may also call them at the following numbers: 09189120375 / 09328469639 / 09328862522 / (083) 5525777 / (083) 3026652. Windsor Heights can also be seen on Facebook at

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