Rent A Car Gensan Reminders

General Santos City is one of the major cities in the southern Philippines. Both it and the city of Davao to the northeast are the focal points of an urbanized area that comprises several “component” cities and even more municipal towns. From its commanding location in Sarangani Bay, General Santos is also a significantly busy port city and fishing hub. What with both a port and a major airport in the area (the latter, although classified “international”, only takes domestic flights from two airlines including the national carrier), the city is a prominent travel hub of its own. With a great deal of people needing ground transportation on demand to go to other places from General Santos, or even just to get around the city, the market has become quite ripe for the rise of an active car rental market.

There have been a myriad number of reasons for this trend in General Santos City. Suffice to say, the changing fortunes of both the local and national economies coupled with certain public land transportation regulations have led to the decline of usage for both public jeepneys – what should have been the iconic Filipino public transport anywhere else – and taxis. The number of both modes of transportation plying the roads of General Santos City fell sharply at the turn of the millennium, now reduced to token presences only at certain travel routes and locations.

Jeepneys now go only on routes outside the city center, while taxis park outside other mass transport hubs like the bus terminals, airport and even one mall. For the most part tricycles are the dominant public transport in the city today, which is why for a more comfortable and indeed, private traveling experience one with the ways and means would turn to the rapidly rising number of car rental companies that are catering to both city residents and outside travellers.

The advantages of renting a car are incalculable, be it a one-time use or a long-term lease. Rental cars are favored for transferring travelers between hotel and airport, for picking up and dropping off passengers at very specific addresses out of town, for shuttling commutes to a scenic spot or workplace, or leasing by corporations for use by their upper echelons or VIPs. Car rentals can also solve transportation problems for special event transports like parades or entourages. Clients can opt to have the cars they rented chauffeured for occasions such as going on guided tours, and of course they can choose to drive the vehicle themselves for a more personal experience in getting behind the wheel of a top-of-the line car.

Being a major Philippine City itself, General Santos City has a wide selection of car rental services available for customers. Some of these are well-established global brands such as Avis, Europcar, Budget Rent a Car, Hertz and many more. But local car rental outfits are no slouch either, with a great many of them fielding contemporary car models at fairly reasonable rates as well.

One of the rising stars in the car rental scene for General Santos City is Morgan Car Rentals. It’s a fairly new automobile rental outfit that has already established a solid and reliable reputation for itself. A subsidiary under the larger Morgan Group of Companies umbrella, Morgan Car Rentals offers customers a varied selection of brand new cars of the latest models to boot. They have SUVs and large passenger vans as well as city cars to meet the needs of most any potential client. Among their modest but steadily expanding fleet of automobiles are the 2nd-gen Hyundai i10 Hatchback, the 3rd-gen Mitsubishi Montero Sport, the 2nd-gen Toyota Fortuner, and the Foton Transvan and Grandia passenger vans. All vehicles are new and have been in service for just over a year or so. They are fully furbished and comfortable, with Wi-Fi internet access to boot.

Morgan Car Rentals are available to hire out for transportation within the city and out to as far as Davao City. For best service they recommend clients to forward their bookings at least three (3) days before the actual first day of rental. Necessary requirements include a driver’s license, proof of billing (w/ authorization letter if using parents’ or spouses’ detail), valid government ID/passport, and an active public Facebook account with the “Rent A Car Gensan” page added.

For more information on Rent A Car Gensan or Morgan Car Rentals, you may visit them at their website at http://TheTravelpedia.com or http://rentacargensan.com/. Inquiries and reservations can also be emailed to traveltours@morgangroupofcompanies.com, or you can simply drop by in person at their address over at Unit 4, Rozen Suites, Aparente Ext., in General Santos City or call (083) 305-0662.


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