Back in the 1990s a trio of brothers in their teens formed a pop rock band that drove the world crazy, in a good way. Isaac, Taylor and Zac Hanson broke into the music scene with a runaway hit song from their debut album. “MMMBop” got so much airplay and had so easy to learn lyrics that they did for girl fans in the 90’s what Idina Menzel’s “Let It Go” did for children in 2013-14. Success was certain for Hanson that their hometown of Tulsa, Oklahoma declared a day named in their honor (May 6) which is still observed by their fanatics. And now news has come that, after a decade and a half in music, the brothers will be embarking on an anniversary world tour. Your 90s self can scream now.

CNN has it that starting June, Hanson will kick off their “Middle of Everywhere 25th Anniversary Tour” Cologne, Germany on the first of the month. The concert tour is named in reference to their first full album “Middle of Nowhere” in 1997, which included their hit song “MMMBop” (originally part of a 1996 demo). Tentative plans have the tour ending in Houston, Texas on October 27.

Hanson fans will recall the fact that the brothers were relatively young when they started, as easily told by their vocal range in their first songs. Isaac, taylor and Zac were only 11, 9 and 6 respectively on their first public performances in 1992. Now, half a century later, they are all family men in their 30s, with a combined 12 children between them. Just typing this information makes me feel old (I was starting high school when they began releasing albums), and surely it has the same effect for those growing up in the 90s.

In addition to the “Middle of Everywhere 25th Anniversary Tour”, Hanson will also bring out a compilation album, “Middle of Everywhere: The Greatest Hits”, soon.

Although their most familiar phase has long past, and they haven’t toured the world in years, Hanson remains an active band, releasing new albums all through the 2000’s and new tens. Nostalgia power and a bevy of Hanson merchandise continue to sell for the brothers even today, such as the 2012 launch of the cornily-named MMMHops beer, of the India Pale Ale variety even.

To get a clearer picture of their planned tour dates, and see if they’ll be performing in your country, visit Hanson’s official website at: https://hanson.net/tours-events. As their song goes, “I Will Come To You”. Will you come to them too during their world tour, if you can?

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